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Effective, smart reminder tool

Not a to do list manager, but a tool to keep you on track with things that you want to transform into daily habits. Perfect for those trying to keep up with some New Years resolutions and trying to build and keep the momentum of new food habits. Simple, effective interface with a smart reminder system that adapts to the time of day you usually try to get things done. Also includes smart integration with health data so things that are linked like the Withings scale are automatically ticked off when you weigh yourself.

Interesting app to create good habits

Interesting app to create habits

Cool app!

Try it out... Worth it.

Really liking it!

I just have one suggestion: if I have added 6 habits but mostly left out monday - as a break lets say - Id like to be able to add more habits that can only be set for monday - therefore having 6 habits every day. Otherwise the app is great!


Nice app to get things done

App is limited to 6 habits

Was very surprised to learn this, which makes it almost useless for any serious habit building. Many similar apps offer more features in their free version.

Needs work, lower price

This app needs more daily reminder options. One is often not enough. Location based reminders would also help. So would lowering the price! Its too high at such an early stage. Needs work.

Simple and easy

Not flooded in function and effective at doing what it says. Integration with HealthKit/Apple Watch is great too!

Pretty cool

I agree that less is more - having too many options had made me loose interest in other habit apps.. The more I use this the more I like it. Great design too!

Adding fun to ordinary to-dos

I like numbers and patterns. Streaks has both. I enjoy having a record of every time Ive hit my walking goal, or remembered to floss, or [insert any other mundane task]. I want more integrations and a few quality of life fixes, and data exports. But Over all, very cool app with lots of promise.

Simple, does its one thing well.

This app adds a game like experience to managing habits. It encourages establishment or breaking of habits by simply recording you consistently. You tend to keep at it so as to not break a streak. It does Apple Watch too.

I like it!

Great little accountability app.

Could be better :(

Please add an option to do a task X times a week then picking the exact days, for example I do a task 5 times a week but not on specific days. Would change this to 5 stars if you guys add it!


Does what it says. I use the complication on my Apple Watch.

Great Apple Watch app

The complication for the Apple Watch is perfect

Well designed

Simple and effective, customizable yet remain simple, nice UI design and the Watch complication is also well done.

Good app

Its great and easy to use!

Streaks -> Change Habits

Attractive and easy to use. Choose up to six things (habits to change) at a time. Set reminders as you wish. Changed a habit? Drop it and add a new one.

Solid App

It does what its meant to do. Super simple design. Lots of useful updates it seems. Apple Watch version is good too, but could use a couple tweeks.

Easy to use

Does exactly what I need it to do!

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