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Love it!

Very user friendly. Great for visual learners!

Very good!

Liked it. Really helpful.

Helping me be a better person 1 day at a time

Great app

Good, but...

I've been looking for a good habit tracker for a while. Most of them out there are either setup as a to-do task manager or a basic timer. In fact, I used to use the Things 3 app not only for my daily tasks, but also for my habits. I was really glad when I came across this, and even went far enough as to buy the bundle (streaks and workout app). The workout app needs improvement too, but that's what this review is about. Overall, this app seems to be working great. There's a bit of a learning curve to it, and I still don't understand why you're only allowed two pages, but overall it's pretty good. My problem with it is that sometimes when I try to delete a task (which the delete button is in a super weird place), the task pops back up numerous times in the coming days post-deletion. I delete the task, and the next day it's back and in my face. This has been happening since I've gotten the app. There's also a glitch in where when I hold down the task for completion, the icon does the little circular motion to display the button being pressed, but after the animation, it does nothing. It works usually, but sometimes it glitches out and doesn't complete the task when I tell it to.

Keeps crashing

Last update has a lot of bugs, can hardly use it anymore :(

Just what I needed

This is the best streaks app I’ve seen. I really like its simplicity. Easy to setup and easy to track with. I’ve tried other apps before but found them to be buggy and cumbersome. I do wish that there was password protection and I have asked the developers and they are considering adding it.

Useful; simple

It appears that many are using this app for fitness-related reasons. My use is much simpler than that. I was having trouble remembering whether or not I took my medications. Now that is not an issue. One piece of my ability to get enough daily fruits and veggie in is to make a smoothie. Now I’m sure I’ll get one made each day. I’m trying to downsize; now I’m encouraged to remove a box or bag of something daily. And I’m reminded to start my day with devotions and prayer—before the bustle of daily life carries me away. Nothing fancy. But helpful.

هذا التطبيق رتب افكاري

حقيقة لم اظن ان بعض التطبيقات تفعل مثل هذا الاثر النفسي على مستخدمها هذا التطبيق رتب لي كثير من امور الحياة وجعلني اراجع اموري اول باول وكمية البساطة والذكاء فيه عجيبه وانصح به الجميع

Amazing iOS integration

From Siri to Shortcuts to customizable app icons and sound this app is awesome. The Apple watch complications are perfect and the widgets are great. I wish more apps were like this!

Helping me meet my goals

It’s not super complicated but it helps me meet my goals and reminds me of things I haven’t done yet.

Streaks is great!

Great app that will help you build positive habits.

Frustrating glitches

Badge has the wrong count. I have 6 habits and completed two, but 6 is still on the badge icon. Also, I completed two earlier in the day but now I go back in and all 6 show as not completed. In settings I have 12am as the start to the day btw.

Handy, but a few things I wish for

This app has already helped me make progress on some streaks, but I wish a few things: 1. More streaks (unlimited groups). I get the minimalism, but some users eventually want to build even more habits without deleting old ones, or break them into smaller achievable steps which makes 12 insufficient. In a similar vein, unlimited groups would be useful for grouping habits by interval, like daily with daily, weekly with weekly, etc, regardless of total number of habits. 2. Archiving “completed” habits. Maybe some streaks are ready to retire, but someone who cares about achieving something like a 365-day streak probably hates to just delete it like it never existed to make room for a new one. Put the archived streakes at the end out of the way. More than 6 per page would be fine. 3. Better syncing with Apple watch. I’ve noticed that if I don’t open Streaks on my phone every day - it doesn’t detect whatever I recorded on the watch app. Then I have to manually “complete” any missed days on the phone app, which isn’t the most intuitive thing in the world.

Good App!

Having the reminder keeps me on my toes.

Update is super buggy

The recent update makes using this app nearly impossible. Habits are recorded properly, are not transferred from the Apple Watch to the phone and vice versus. Notifications are received for habits that are already marked complete. Really buggy right now.

Solid app

Would have liked a calendar view of overall goals hit within that day, but still enjoy the UX and design of this app. Clean and simple.

Records Inconsistently

There have been several times that one of my streaks is “broken”. Without a doubt I’ll mark it the night before well before midnight only to find out the next day that I’m starting at day one again and there’s no way to go back and change it after the fact. This app had one job...

Confusing mush mash of buttons and icons

This app is extremely difficult to navigate. There are no written instructions on what to do to achieve a certain end goal. I really wanted to like this and I see many positive reviews, but I left frustrated and upset that I wasted five dollars on this unusable app. If written instructions are provided in a future update on how to navigate and use the app I will change my review

👍🏻 Helps with good habit-forming

Finally bought this app once it got iCloud sync and an iPad UI. I really like the different options for forming & breaking habits. (And my previous Watch sync issues were fixed by rebooting the watch!) Note though that Health integration may be hit or miss – it’s counting my sleep hours rather oddly.

Needs Improvement

The concept of this app is good, however it falls short in several key areas. The first issue being that the interface is really not intuitive at all. Trying to figure out how to delete or edit a task shouldn’t take ten minutes trying to figure it out. The second thing that the app should offer is a larger selection of colors for the interface. All of the colors available are either blindly bright or just plain dull ( having full control of the palette would be optimal ). Lastly, the selection of icons for tasks is fairly weak. There needs to be more available or at least some fairly obvious generic ones. The devs of this app must not go to grocery stores because there’s no icon for one I could find. I believe if this app was updated with the few suggestions mentioned it could easily become a four or five star app.

Nice simple design

The watch app could be prettier (I don’t like the scroll) but you guys pay close attention to form FOR function.

Seemless, intuitive app

I am enjoying this app. The functionality of having my activity and health related tasks (like calories consumption) being auto synced makes using this app so easy! I would like to add more than 12 tasks however, maybe that option will be available soon? I’d gladly pay for added functionality with this app!! Great job developers!!!

Just nice

Does what it says.

Limited Habits Not a Problem

I love this app and limiting habits is definitely a good thing. Before buying, I felt like it was ridiculous to have my habits limited. I felt like it should be my choice but having too many desired habits is overwhelming and you will not stick to them all. I feel like it is a bold move but one that is necessary for everyone to remember. Well done. Also, the simplicity, functionality, and customizability of this app truly are fantastic. I use this every day and will continue to do so for as long as I can predict.

Need more than 12

On one hand I get the limit of 12 from a simplicity standpoint. On the other hand it's artificial and too few to track various routines. As a feature I'd suggest either extending the limit or allowing for the creation of multiple "routines" that can have a fixed number of tasks. E.g. a "morning routine" and "bedtime routine".

Rough Start

I bought this app based on a rave review so I have the ‘pro’ version. While it is easy to get started for basic habit tracking, I remembered reading that it could be used like a Pomodoro task master which is what I now want it for because the existing ones are either too involved ‘to do’ type apps or simplistic timers. It took quite a while to wade through how to create tasks with adequate specificity because it takes numerous passes through editing a task because all the options are not present when you first set up a habit; you create a default habit and then edit the heck out of it to get to a scheduled habit of specific length with notification reminders. It also has weird language like when it specifies the number of times a day you want to perform a habit; instead of phrasing it that way, it says “number of days” when what it means is number of times during your specified time period (day, week, month), yet the previous three options are phrased correctly. I am pretty tech savvy and it took quite a bit of playing around with the app to figure things out, even with the help section. I guess I like words more than icons (hieroglyphics as we used to call them). This app could definitely benefit by on app instructions.

Sold me on streaks

I'd previously not found habit "streaks" motivating. However, this app, with its simple interface, unique activity icons, and convenient Watch app, has made tracking habits a joy.

Best $5 I ever spent

It’s amazing the psychological effect that filling in progress bars and not breaking streaks can have...

Great app but doesn’t sync time across devices

I wish the app would sync the time remaining on my time based tasks on both my iPad and iPhone. Otherwise, great work!


Annoyed that I can only track 12 habits. Most of them are automatic. I need to track more.

Best habit app

I have been using quite some apps to help myself achieve goals and build habits. This is the one I found that has the most clear and user friendly UI and flexible functionality.

A MUST HAVE app for anyone who wants to change bad habits..

Wow! Before iOS 12 this app already changed me. I woke up earlier, drank more water, drank less soda & alcohol thanks to this app. Now on iOS 12 with Siri Shortcuts support this app is just unreal. Now I can complete my task without touching the app. Just tell Siri the magic word and voila! Task done! This works with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. And with Apple Watch with LTE you don’t even need iPhone nearby. This morning I’m just walking listening to my favorite podcast and drinking water. When I finished the bottle I just double tapped my AirPods and say the magic word and just like that, without even touch my watch and without a need to stop my walking, task was completed on my watch. It’s just... magical!

Amazing and sooo easy

Repetition makes it happen = Streaks Congrats on and managing and well thought app. Thanks

Hey Siri custom phrases integration!

As you can tell by the title, I like this app! I've tried other habit-forming tools in the past and the simplicity and design of Streaks made it my favorite. The today widget and watch app are useful as well and are very well integrated with the way of using the app. Update: Custom Siri phrases integration works flawlessly and is so convenient!

Good app and better motivator than stock

Overall, this app is much better at motivating me to walk, etc. versus the stock Apple integration. The interface is simple, but wish there was a bit more control over alerts. For instance, I have a daily step goal in Streaks, but I would love to have a streak goal of 200 steps per hour, or etc. during certain hours of the day, on certain days of the week (my work hours, on work days specifically). Also, it’s nice being able to click in on my Apple Watch, but having a dedicated face that showed my goal progress would be nice. I’m sure some of this is limited by Apple, but overall, I am happy with this app and look forward to future updates!

Better Stats feature

I find the app wonderful and I use it everyday. It has made me more accountable and I see myself using it for the foreseeable future. This app would be a 5 star app even without the stats aspect. With that being said, the stats feature that is offered is pretty confusing and does not offer a lot of insight. I’d like to see the developers strengthen and expand this part of the app. As of now, I see it as a missed opportunity to make a great app even better.

Isn’t worth $5

Annoying notifications don’t produce good habits or make you stop bad habits. The interface is original but it doesn’t make me want to use it more, I thought this would be fun to use but There’s Better out there for free. The worst thing is apples denying my refund after 4days using it. Send it back


There’s a glitch that removes the “add task” button. I’ve had to uninstall over three times.

Great Execution of a Fantastic Concept

What an idea, using SnapChat-like streaks to keep people accountable to their day-to-days. This wonderful concept has helped ground me into healthier habits. And, the dev’s have thought of every feature: Forgot to mark a task one day? You can change it. You want to see your success rate all-time? Go and check it. Don’t have your phone? Mark it on your watch with Siri. One of the most useful apps I’ve seen. One thing, I do wish I could create more pages in order to organize things more.

Amazing app

At last my life is under control! Years of trying to keep up with my goals vs just one week with this app! Thank you so much whoever created this amazing app! I feel so enthusiastic about my life now

Simple, Smart, Smooth

Nothing has worked better to keep me going on the things that matter than Streaks.


This is my favorite app. Very simple and easy to use. Helps me get all my daily tasks done without being boring a boring app.

Helps me stay on track

This app is a great way to keep on track when working on self improvement, or even staying on top of those simple daily items you always seem to forget. I use it for studying and personal care tasks.

Not that easy to navigate

Not sure why it’s laid out the way it is. Not that easy to navigate. Tree trial should be available. Requesting a refund.

Just Have two pages and maximum 12 tasks

Hey i was trying to add more than 12 routine task when i found out that the app didn’t give me access to add another task that means we just can add 12 taka not more If i’m wrong please help me

How do you use this anyway? Should be 0 Star!!

Gimmicky icons but not intuitive enough to be used. $4 for this? I want to be proven wrong !!!!

Does what other apps don't!

I think the one time charge is fair given the amount of tasks you can create. I was getting frustrated with other "free" apps that wanted to charge you after your third task. Love this one and filling in the bubbles is so satisfying!

Keeps me on track

Simple but effective app to help me prioritize and complete the things most important to me.

I love this, just like one more feature

I love this app! The idea of seeing your Streaks is very powerful. The icons and color themes are also so cute! However, it would be great if the app made you actively enter that you didn’t complete the task instead of just marking it complete. It’ll make me feel more guilty if the app actually makes me enter that I didn’t complete the task versus not doing anything and forgetting about it. Something like having to click “yes or no “each day. It would just be so powerful to enter no when I didn’t complete the task instead of not having to do anything and forgetting about the app

Simple Customization

I use it daily. I repurpose buttons quickly as my workout changes. It is very easy to use.

As a habit-forming app, fails at its main job of motivating you

The design is unique. But is that design helpful? Does the app motivate you to maintain the streaks? Nope. As someone who wants to form habits or build a routine, this app felt like the perfect candidate, until you realize that it doesn’t even help you see your recent success with the different habits at a glance. Handling the advanced options is like playing with adult stuff as a child. You just poke here and there to figure out how things work. Button titles instead of ambiguous icons would help. On the other hand, there a few silly features like a ton of app icons you can choose from, and lots of other customizations. Unsure how it won an Apple Design Award!

Excellent app but with minor bugs

Your Apple watch app sometimes stop working and didn’t response to anything!

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