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Love it!

Very user friendly. Great for visual learners!

Very good!

Liked it. Really helpful.

Helping me be a better person 1 day at a time

Great app

Phone freezes.

I really love this app so much I don't want to give it other than five stars. But it started to act funny. Every time I launch it the phone will freeze for seconds. Multitasking gets unresponsive too when switching to this app. I tried to reboot, closing this app from control center. Everything works great until I launch the app! Please fix it. Thank you

Love this apps

This app blows me away how well it’s designed

Frustrating bug

When it works it’s great- when it doesn’t it’s frustrating. That makes sense of course because the app has one job- one. If you complete a task but forget to mark it completed the app will fortunately allow you to mark it the next day. However IF you try to mark a task that requires multiple check ins (to be considered completed) the day after it’ll reset your streak. For example walking the dogs multiple times a day requires multiple check ins. If you forget on one day to check it in despite not missing the actual task you should be able to “mark it complete” the next day. But for what ever reason any task that involves multiple check ins will reset even if you “mark as complete for yesterday” putting you at one.

Life changing

I am 43. Developing new habits in life is hard! Just something about this app. So simple yet life altering.

Word Change

Thanks for a phenomenal app. Simple, beautiful, practical! 2 feature requests: 1) change the wording of “Don’t eat bad food” to “Don’t eat unhealthy food” as bad implies that it’s a bad decision (e.g., driving drunk) which feels overly negative. 2) Allow us to switch pages by swiping between pages or scrolling. Only having the tapable icon at the bottom feels very un-iOS-like and is unintuitive.

worst app I ever used

Really bad UI. I can’t find the func I’d like to use. Settings really confused me. And I can’ add time by a part. Anyway, it’s not worthy, there’s better apps.

Beautiful app, but wish it had more flexibility.

For $5 I wish the app allowed a bit more flexibility in adding more than 12 tasks-- I have a few non-daily goals I would like to track but cannot due to the limit. Being able to add more panes of tasks would be great, hell, make them unlock-able as a reward based on streaks you keep on the first 12 tasks.

Good but...

How do you delete/change the tasks if you mess up? But I LOVE the app.

Finally fantastic

I was waiting for the feature to be able to have recurring goals that were NOT daily. They’ve nailed it and it’s amazing. I Use it every day now, for creating recurring habits like Morning Pages, Meditation, Weigh-in reminders, reading, running and taking my vitamins.

Great app but one suggestion...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us the ability to change the time that the streaks reset for the next day. Some of us night owls finish streaks after midnight and it’s annoying having to go through the today/yesterday prompt for every single one. Thanks :) Keep updating this awesome app

Not worth it

I purchase bc of the reviews but after getting all the app did is alert me to my tasks. I was looking for something more I can also track. I wouldn’t recommend

My streaks vanished

After several tries, finally got into this app. But in less than a week of daily use, one day I opened it and my streaks had just vanished. It was like I had never used the app. Disappointing.

Super confusing interface

Not worth a penny if it can't be operated!

Love it!

This app is great, it keeps me motivated on my key goals. Only wish I could put some notes sometimes and upload images to create a log. Might have to make my own app. :)

I've tried them all, this is the one!

Look no further, this one has it all...even an Apple Watch app. I love it. Thank you for such creation.


It’s very motivating and it really makes me do the things I wish I’ve done more regularly. There are many little tasks that I often forget, like reading a few minutes a day, flossing, exercising daily, making my bed. I get to do them now along with doing some practice to gain new skills such as learning a new language or getting better at coding.

I love the fact that it has a widget!

I’ve been using Streaks for a few weeks now, and my consistency on daily tasks has definitely improved. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t have to worry about forgetting everything I need to do - I have a list of the most important things right at hand. Simple to use and easy on the eyes, with many different default color schemes to choose.

Does it work only on ONE Apple Watch?

I don’t see my tasks on the 2nd watch. I give low rating because of this but I’m not sure about it. Will change rating if I misunderstand it.


Pretty simple app, I would like for every other day to be an option though.

Great app, with great customer support

I had a problem with the parsing of water data, and the developer was very responsive.

Great app, super responsive developer

I love this app for staying focused on those little things that make a big difference in your health, productivity, etc. Even better: I had a minor issue and got a response to my support ticket in minutes.


So useful!

Why only 12??

Definitely the best habit tracker. Love it. The design aesthetic is uncluttered, easy to use, and very satisfying to complete those circles. Apple Watch integration is great. Would gladly pay an annual subscription to use. But the 12 habit limitation (and sub limit of 6 positive and 6 negative habits) is a deal breaker. Had to find something else.

Wish I could add more than two pages of habits

Otherwise I really like this app.

A daily essential!

Streaks has helped me create a daily routine with my every day life. I feel like I’m finally adulting!

Keeps You In Check

Title says it all! Streaks has kept me in check. I went on a business conference and I was about to skip the gym on one of my “required” days but I opened the app and didn’t want my streak to end there. So I hit the gym at midnight when I was free to continue the streak. The trick is to hold yourself accountable and BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF - that is how you’re going to find this tool useful. Don’t say you did something when you didn’t, you are better than that and this app shows it.

Keeps my medications on track!

I use it every day to keep my blood thinners and thyroid medications consistent! I’ve recommended it over and over to my friends!

Great habit forming app

My only complain is that you can only complete the task either once per day or a set number of time per day. I would love the ability to have an open ended task (do at least once per day but have the option to perform it again later the day).

건강앱을 이용하는 사용자에겐 최고의 앱

이렇게 운동별로 구분해주는 습관앱은 없었네요.

Broken on Apple Watch

Update: 5 stars again. Thanks for fixing the Apple Watch issue. When I go to complete a task on the Apple Watch, the app just quits and goes to the home screen. I’ve reinstalled the app many times, did a hard reset on the watch, and still no luck. It works perfectly on the phone. Please fix this bug, thanks. *** Apple Watch Series 3, LTE, watchOS 4.3 ***

Great app

This is a great app for anyone looking to start a new habit or break an old bad habit. Definitely worth the one time cost. I like that the developer doesn’t charge a subscription.

Apple Watch crashing issue

This app has been pretty great so far, but it looks like when I try to mark any streak on my Apple Watch, it crashes every time.

WOW! Couldn't be much better

I'm blown away and the beauty, simplicity, and features of this app. I've used my of the competing apps in this category and can confidently state that this is one of the finest and most complete apps I've used. Deserving of the design award and more. Widget has an issue where it’s just a blank space. Needs tweaking.

Just what I needed

This app has fit perfectly into my wellness journey. It has a simple and attractive interface that allows me to track multiple activities using one app! The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because often I get reminded to complete an activity right after I’ve done it, which isn’t particularly helpful.

Fatal Flaw: Only Tracks 12 Streaks

Great app! However, some recommendations: 1. Please add MORE/UNLIMITED pages of Streaks. 12 is a random limit. 2. Please add ability to SWIPE between the pages. (This would be smartly paired with the little dots in the interface below.) 3. Where’s iCloud support? Would be great to sync with my iPad as I check-off streaks throughout the day. Thanks!

Really good app but missing one important feature

I love it! However I end my day at around 4am which means that sometimes streaks get messed up when i check them after midnight... It would be good to be able to setup when your day ends...

Great app

Simple, straightforward UI, easy to use.

Most unintuitive UI. Confusing notifications

There is NO other app of OS that has such an intuitive UI. Trying to delete a task... good luck. Tap on the settings icon... not done yet, now tap on the list icon to get to settings There is a black second, background, with no explanation NOTIFICATIONS I set up breathing task with 10x The app created 3 notifications at random times in the afternoon. The logic? Not explained. Really disappointing. I shouldn't have to read a manual to operate a mobile app. Things should make sense.

For the easily distracted

Awesome reminder to GTD

One day on it and I love it

First I love the model of payment one time and you get it all. Second you can tell it is a solid app. Very well designed and most importantly love the idea you can set like 3 times per week to do something with no specific day and then the Don’t options and its implementation. Love when you find an app that really makes a difference. And the Apple Watch implementation is incredible. Keep it up. I will recommend to all my friends that needs a push like me!


Streaks is one of the kind. Unlike most reminder app, you don’t need to go through the trouble of setting it up for specific times to be reminded on. Streaks automatically reminds you periodically. For that, I like this app a lot. Thanks!

Poor design

I don't know how this app won a design award from Apple. The concept is great, and it looks okay, but in terms of how it works -- it's a mess. The settings are so buried and obfuscated. Good luck finding the proper "..." icon to click. Changing the notification settings for a task takes so many unintuitive taps. Negative tasks are confusing for no reason. The scheduling of tasks is broken. If you want to do something once a week, the data it provides is unintelligible. Lots of potential here but a ton of flaws as well.


Such a great app, sometimes i fall off of using it, but whenever i am using it im motivated to accomplish my goals of the day. The interface is simple and satisfying. Really helps me to be productive without taking much time to manage. Thanks!

Great for habits

Clean way to make inroads on new habits

I love this app! Well worth the money!

I can’t say just how much I love this app. It’s so clean and simple and easy to use, especially for people like me who aren’t always good at keeping up with things and sticking to routines. I would recommend this app as the best to help with keeping up with daily tasks.

Stats and backup keep this from being 5 stars

There are great stats. They just aren't accurate, which makes them not so useful. As for backups, having to manually backup makes backups a hassle at best, and something that people don't do at worst.

Perfectly basic.

This app is great because of its simplicity. I don’t need an app to keep track of my seventeen goals, each with different measurements of success. I need an app to keep me accountable to my six daily habits. This is perfect for this. I think the app is worth about $1.99, compared to the prices of comparable apps, but I don’t regret purchasing in the slightest. Also a bonus that you can change the colour scheme and even the app icon, which I’ve never been able to do with any other app. Well done!

Life Changing App Keeps Getting better

There are gazillions of apps in the iStore but few make one a stronger/better/healthier person. This one can with use. Thanks!

Not worth $5

It’s not super-intuitive to use; definitely not worth paying for.

Needs More Tasks

I love this app and would give it 5-stars if it wasn’t missing two things. 1. The ability to create more than 12 tasks. 2. Better reporting. The 12 tasks limit is my biggest complaint by far.

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